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Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

The Ancient Ways of the Sri Lankan Culture!

What can be said about the Sri Lankan Culture that is not already bound to impress the ways of the outsiders. Well when we say “Outsiders”, we do not actually mean outsider, but you can catch my drift.

Ayurveda is known to be an “Ancient System” of medicine in this part of the world, and it is also worthy to note that the name “Ayurveda” comes from two conjoined Sanskrit Words “Ayuh (life)” and “Veda (Science or Knowledge)”. Forget about the ancient times, even in this modern day where technology has taken hold of the social world, humans are still trying to achieve optimum state of health by any means necessary, for that, anyone can easily say “Sri Lanka Is the Place to Be”.

The Vital Forces of Ayurveda

There are definitely more than a several beliefs that “Ayurveda” would follow, but the main belief that would amount to greatness would be that of “Tri Dosha” or more commonly known as the three vital forces – Vayu, Pita, and Kapha.

Vayu – is known for the transmission of energy within the body itself, and when speaking in terms of Grey’s Anatomy, it would be Nerve Impulses, Muscle Contractions and Hormonal Activity.

Pita – it is in-line with bile, but it cannot be confined to it, as it would signify the whole idea of metabolism and the heat creation that would occur inside a human being.

Kapha – would simply mean “Mucus” best described as “The Protective Fluid”, but to get a better idea about this, watching a movie such as The Species or Alien would definitely do the trick.

Ingenuity in the Heart of The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Throughout the years that Sri Lanka has come through development, we have also had the capacity to come up with various and at the same time wonderful, not to forget authentic, methods of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. Below you can find some of them, just to have a better idea:

  1. Body Massage – The abhyanga is used for relaxation & it also improves blood circulation.

  2. Head Oil Application – It improves the blood circulation in the head area, and prevents and cures the nuisances such as headaches and migraines.

  3. Facial Treatment – Herbal paste are created to smooth out wrinkles and to give clear skin.

  4. Herbal Bath – Leaves and roots of Herbal Origin are boiled and poured on the patients

  5. Neck & Shoulder Massage – Herbal Oils created in special origins are applied to the neck and shoulder to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pains.

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