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Cultural Tour Sri Lanka

For an in-depth analysis of the history, culture and tradition of ancient and modern day Sri Lanka, this cultural tour of Sri Lanka is just what you need. Beginning with Anuradhapura – the oldest kingdom of Sri Lanka, and wrapping up with Colombo – the trading hub and busiest city on the island, this tour covers all cultural attractions, not forgetting a touch of the hill country natural beauty.

DAY 01


Meet and Greet your Professional Guide at Bandaranayake International Airport (CMB) and head towards the Ancient City of Sigiriya.

Get a chance to go on an oxen cart ride and experience the world from the view of a village farmer. Have a relaxing catamaran safari through a calm lake. Walk through the golden fields ripe with their harvest of paddy. Watch an enjoyable traditional cooking demonstration that teaches you the basics of Sri Lankan cuisine. Delight your taste buds with a home cooked lunch made over a wood-fire and served on fragrant lotus leaves placed over woven trays. Enjoy the life of a Sri Lankan villager, just this day.

Prepare to "GET WILD",
This three-hour safari takes you on a ride through the Minneriya National Park. Enjoy the sight of over 150 elephants congregating in one place during the famous Great Elephant Gathering, which happens in the dry season between May to October. In addition to elephants, get a chance to also see many mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in the scrublands, forests and other areas.

Overnight stay at Sigiriya

Day 02


Climb the 5th century AD rock fortress, Sigiriya, where the King Kasyapa ruled. Walk through the entrance framed by the paws of a lion that is quite appropriate for its name, ' the Lion Rock'. View the beautiful unfading murals that brought Sigiriya its fame. Climb the steep staircase to see the terraced gardens and still-working cisterns. Walk through the tunnels leading to the palace as you get a feel for times long past.

Head towards Kandy enroute via Dambulla,

Enter the historic caves of the Golden Temple of Dambulla, dating back to the 1st century BC. View the ancient murals depicting the life story of Lord Gautama Buddha. Look at the hundreds of figurines of Buddha and other deities scattered throughout the five main caves. Visit the Cave of the Divine King, Cave of the Great King and the Great New Monastery. See the giant golden Buddha Statue just a little distance outside the cave complex.

We will stop at a Spice Garden on the way to learn about where our favourite spices comes from and have a cooking class where we'll learn the secret to a perfect Sri Lankan Curry !

Here our local chef will teach you to make Dhal and Chicken Curry as well as fried Cashew Coconut Sambal and Pappodoms.

Sri Lankan Gem has a big history where the name "RATNA DEEPA" (Gem Island) was called to Sri Lanka. Explore a Gemmological Museum and see the History of Gems with Cutting and Polishing

Overnight stay at Kandy

DAY 03


Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built in the 16th century as the place of veneration and protection for Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth. Walk through the beautifully embellished passageways and elaborately painted halls, done in red, cream and black. Lounge against delicately carved pillars and get amazed by the beautiful golden statues. Get an unforgettable experience of history and art.

Explore the culture of the Veddas in Dambana Mahiyanganaya and visit the Mahiyanganaya Temple.

Experience the Cultural Dance Show in the Evening,

The Kandy Cultural Show gives an opportunity to experience some of the traditions of Sri Lanka. Enjoy this hour long extravaganza as some of the most popular art forms of the island take to the stage. Get wowed by fire dancers and sword dancers. Watch the colorful Kandyan dancers take to the air to the thrumming primal beat of the drums.

Overnight stay at Kandy

DAY 04


Head towards the beautiful town of Nuwara Eliya where you will come across several water falls on the way. Ramboda Falls is one visit we have scheduled for you. Along the way you can also visit the Pedro Tea Factory and the luscious tea plantations of the country. You will also be given a tour of Nuwara Eliya, which is known as “Little England”

Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya

DAY 05


Head to the Nanu Oya Railway Station and take the World's Scenic Train Ride from Nanu Oya to Ella where your guide will meet you at Ella Railway Station with your bags

Overnight stay at Ella

DAY 06


Head towars Mirissa with beautiful backdrops and Waterfall Views,

arriving at the stunning beach side town of Mirissa. A place where the world class waves hit the sand, where turtles inhabit the water and where the beer is ice cold. After the hill country, this is exactly what you need.

Spend your day relaxing at the Beach after a long journey

Overnight stay at Mirissa

DAY 07


Early morning Whale Watching in a Luxury Cruise to see Hump Back Whales, Killer Whales, Blue Whales, Sharks & Dolphins. Sit back and enjoy your Breakfast watching the Whales play.

The amazing cultural tour with Kingfisher Tours Sri Lanka comes to an end here.

You will be drop back at the Airport by our Representatvie. This itinerary is dedicated to exploring the cultural aspects of Sri Lanka as well as touching its splendid beauty and we hope you found it attractive.

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