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Whale Watching Day Tour

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for whale watching in Asia. Sperm Whales and Blue Whales are a common occurrence off the southern coast, particularly at Dondra Point – close to the town of Mirissa, Sri Lanka.The blue whale is an absolutely impressive animal that swims in the ocean – elegant, mysterious, beautiful, and deserves our respect by all means. Imagine having just a second of eye contact with this majestic figure – evokes a feeling of awe that adds to life’s precious moments. Sperm whales are another equally amazing, captivating and wonderful animal of the ocean.

Places You Will Visit


Mirissa Fisheries Harbor

The whale watching tour packages begin from the Mirissa fisheries harbor at approximately 6.30a.m. Passengers are transferred onto sophisticated boats that are equipped with the necessary safety devices such as compass, GPS, nautical charts and UHF radio. These boats also have a small kitchen where fresh breakfast is prepared and served. Western toilets with shower facilities as well as plenty of comfortable seating areas are available for passengers. Life jackets available in a variety of sizes are handed over to passengers for their safety before the boat sets sail. Please note, the crew members on board are all officially qualified in life-saving, fire-fighting and first aid.

The entire whale watching experience takes about 4-5 hours on average, maybe longer if the whale sightings take a while. The probability of whale sightings is about 90-95% and we will give our best to make sure you see the whales.

After your whale watching tour, Kingfisher Tours offers additional sightseeing opportunities (optional) such as visiting the neighboring Galle Fort, Turtle Hatchery or engaging in some water sport activities.

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