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Kingfisher Tours, the future of destination management, the ultimate experience and service provider in Sri Lanka, is a company not just based on Travel, but it also comes with the brilliance in providing you with the most perfect and gracious along with The most wonderful tours in Sri Lanka. We have taken our game to the next level by creating a bunch of tours for you during this time frame, in making sure that you will have the chance to experience the true wonder of Sri Lanka by also making it Wallet-Friendly to match all your needs in one go.

Explore the Tear Drop Isle with our range of escorted group tours, private journeys and bespoke tailor-made holidays to Sri Lanka.

Following you can find a range of tours for you, and do remember that they are not set in stone, and whatever you would like to combine or change, it is more than easy for us to do. Please go through the tours and get in contact with us, and be sure that we will definitely amaze you in Sri Lanka!



Save Up to 35%

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