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Safe & Secure Certified Travel Agency

We are delighted to announce "Kingfisher Tours Sri Lanka" has been certified as a "Safe and Secure" Travel Agency and a Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Safe & Secure Tourism

We have been awarded with “Safe & Secure” travel agency & destination management company compliance certificate by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority enabling us to provide services for travelers who wish to travel to Sri Lanka. 

Until further notice, only “Safe & Secure” certified travel agencies will be able to provide services to travelers during the first 14 days of your stay Sri Lanka.

As a “Safe & Secure” certified travel agency in Sri Lanka, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, staff and our service providers, we will provide all services in adherence to the guidelines stipulated by the Health Authorities and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

For your convenience, we publish the “Guideline for travelers” stipulated by the Health Authorities and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority as follows.

Welcome back to the paradise island of Sri Lanka !

As we open our doors to the world once again; we’ve pulled out all the stops, ensuring that every precautionary measure has been set in place to make your island getaway as safe, secure and serene as possible. In your preparation to explore the wild and wonderful, we’d like to bring your attention to the ‘things you need to know’ for your safety as you make your way to an amazing time that is So Sri Lanka! We are so looking forward to welcoming you!

Tourists Travel Process

1. Plan your holiday with Kingfisher Tours Sri Lanka & apply for visa online

2. Ensure you have the mandatory COVID 19 Insurance of 12 USD with one month cover of 75,000 USD required for all travellers (whether fully vaccinated or not vaccinated). Pay through ( )

3. Fully Vaccinated travellers are exempted from pre-departure & on-arrival       COVID-19 PCR/ Rapid Antigen tests.

4. Not-Vaccinated & Not-fully vaccinated Travellers are released from On-arrival PCR test & Quarantine period.

5. PCR to be taken before departure if your airlines require.

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