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Looking for Kitulgala adventure day trip? Sri Lanka is a beautiful and a gifted island, moreover a great place to visit and sight see despite all the political havoc that has created in the present. So please do not hesitate to visit this beautiful country and gain experiences of natural beauty, excitement, adventure and many more.

This is not only a place that will promise you adventure and excitement, but it will also leave you awed given how the Mother Nature has gifted this strikingly beautiful place. Moreover this place also holds a historical importance as it is considered as a place where proof of pre historic civilizations has been discovered.


This is a small but yet attractive city that is situated towards the western side of the island, in fact this is situated in the Kegalle District in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Kitulgala is situated in close proximity to all central places of Sri Lanka, and will list down the distance and the time period that it will take travel there.

  • Colombo to Kitulgala – 86kms/ 3 hours

  • Airport to Kitulgala – 84kms/ 2.30 hours

  • Kandy to Kitulgala – 60kms/ 2hours

  • Galle to Kitulgala – 184kms/ 3.30 hours

You will be amazed to find out the range of beautiful wonders that you can witness and the number of activities that you can engage in just in one day. Below are the itineraries and the adventure activities that you will be able to witness and engage in while you are in Kithulgala.

Look more for the Tour Itineraries by clicking the link below

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