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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Kingfisher Tours Srilanka is a tour operator & destination expert for Sri Lanka, offering customized holiday experiences & travel solutions to all its travelers. One of our key value propositions is to be in sync with the needs of the traveler and offer a travel solution; no matter at what point the traveler enters our service chain.

There are times we want to spoil ourselves with a little bit of comfort, at time we want a tight budget travel experience. Our needs are endless, and trying to fulfill them with an off the shelf package can be trying. It’s your holiday and you should have the right to decide what you want to do and where we want to go – Steer your holiday, stay in control.

Like you, we love travelling and we want each travel experience to be a memorable one. After careful evaluation, we buy travel products that suit our travel style and budget. We at Kingfisher Tours Srilanka, spend time in understanding your preferred holiday style first, thereafter we recommend destinations, excursions, attractions and accommodation options that help meet your holiday needs. We represent your interest in each of our holiday destinations. Our transparent pricing structure, with itemized price breakdown, helps you compare each component in your holiday basket to ensure that you secure good pricing and there are no hidden costs. Our feedback loop, increases consistency and professionalism in the delivery of products and services, whilst corroborating our holiday recommendations.

As Sri Lankan destination experts, we help you plan and book your perfect holiday

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