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Scenic Train Ride


Your potential is already inside of you. -

While most of us are frustrated with what is missing from our lives, it’s important to realize it’s already inside of you, just in an immature form. -

You were born with the DNA to do a very specific set of skills but you don’t come out of the womb fully developed. You have to continually water the potential seed to realize the full scope of what’s possible.

"Come and experience on a journey with us under the srilankan sky" with Kingfisher Tours Sri Lanka

Sri lanka offers perfect locations that are perfect for the adventure lovers and thril seekers.

Location 📌 Ella (train ride) 🚂

Kandy to #Ella is the most popular Railway track among the tourists. Some journeys in our lives are more exciting than the destination. Such a journey is the train ride of Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka. The seven hour journey can actually turn out to be a long photo shoot session of the bounty of nature. Taking a train from Kandy to Ella is not only a comfortable option but a scenic one as well. you go by the beautiful landscape peacefully. Besides, it is also a very affordable way of enjoying the bountiful nature of the country.

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