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UK travelers can now book their holiday in Sri Lanka once again !

Sri Lanka will be removed from the red list of the United Kingdom (UK) with effect from Wednesday (22), the UK government said, in a move that is likely to see the return of high spending tourists from the former colonial power visiting the island nation. It is a Good News for UK travelers to plan their holiday in Sri Lanka for the upcoming Winter Season.

While on the Red List, Sri Lankans were barred from entering the UK and foreigners who had a travel history to Sri Lanka in the last 10 days were also not permitted to enter UK. With this new change, Sri Lanka will be moved to the Amber List along with eight other countries such as Bangladesh, Maldives and Pakistan. According to the BBC, Wales also announced that they will follow England by removing Sri Lanka from their ‘Red List’.

Sri Lanka has been in the red list since June 08, as part of a group of countries the UK government has defined as particularly high-risk for new and emerging strains of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. British passport holders visiting red list countries have to spend more money and time on quarantine.

“Conducting the final regular traffic light review before the switch to the new two-tiered system, several additional countries and territories will move off the red list,” the UK government said in a statement.

Allowing fully vaccinated travelers to avoid a PCR test before returning to England from any of those countries. They only need one PCR test to be taken two days after arrival, which will soon be replaced by a cheaper lateral flow testing technique. This simplification of the international travel traffic light system in UK keeps the global public health in mind, with UK highlighting that more than 8 out of 10 adults are vaccinated.

The Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka got a big hit and this is a Great news for the Industry to recover as Sri Lanka gains more than 80% of UK travelers, Over the last few months, the Government of Sri Lanka has been striving hard to vaccinate the eligible population, thereby creating a safe environment for travelers from across the world. As of today, the country has successfully vaccinated 50% of its total population and over 90% of citizens above the age of 30.

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